The Wicker Van Part 3

Sergeant Dowie walked around the empty corridors of CVI HQ. He Looked at certificates on the wall that dated back from the noughties.

The Wicker Van Part 1

The sea plane touched down on the clear waters just off CVI island. The sun shone briefly, and then it became cloudy.

CVI Shining Part 3

Me and the Canteen Manager walked towards the JNR’s office. There was an eerie silence throughout the CVI HQ.

CVI Shining Part 2

I arrived back at CVI headquarters. It was now 2019, and as the boss of CVI I was determined to make this the year of cheap van insurance.

CVI Shining Part 1

I walked up to the CVI main entrance and busted through the front door. “Here’s Johnny,” I announced.

Apocalypse CVI

Below is a synopsis for a 30 second TV ad for CVI. Maybe try it on YouTube ads first, and then roll out to Prime Time on the box.