War On Drugs – Vans Lead The Way

Capturing Pablo Escobar in a Columbian town or arresting El Chapo at the Mexican Border…that has been the war on drugs. Until now…

Enter the humble van. It isn’t much to look at, I’m sure you will agree, but it could be about to become the biggest weapon in the war on drugs around the world.

Forget about hunting down drug lords in the jungles and mountains of South America. Say hello to the special Police van which brings the war to the roads of our towns and cities and the drug users who get behind the wheel.

This special Police van is currently being trialled…in America. But experts are expecting it to be on our roads within months.

So what is so special about this Police Van anyway? Quite simply, the back of the van is a portable drug testing lab, the likes of which you have never seen before.

This gives the Police new powers which can test drivers for drug use within minutes. And if found to be a “user” then they are hauled off in that very same van…directly to prison.

This special van is like a machine designed for hunting down the drug users and then carting them off to the jail house. Never before have we seen a vehicle so efficient. It really will make drug users think twice before snorting up and then getting behind the wheel.

“If you think a bit of puff the magic dragon is fine, then get ready to do the time,” is what a CVI spokesperson had to say when asked about the special Police Van and the global war on drugs in general.

“Here at CVI we have a zero tolerance policy on drugs and we only welcome van owners who are drug free and not planning to drive high on their own supply,” the spokesperson went on to add.

“If you are planning to fill out our 3 minute form while mashed up out of your face then think again. You are barking up the wrong tree…go to one of them other van insurance comparison sites who might be a bit more drug friendly,” the spokesperson said.

Back to the story and these special drug police vans are equipped with a chair and table in the back…where a suspect can be restrained and his or her blood taken…then the blood is immediately analysed and if found to be laced with drugs then…BINGO…Off-to-prison you go.

It’s good to see we are soon going to be winning the war on drugs, and with vans and CVI on their side, I’m sure the Police will soon have all of the drug lords, drug dealers and drug users under lock and key.

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