Police Chase White Van Man in Norwich

“Chase me, chase me, chase,” taunted the white van man. Pretty soon the cops were hot on his tail.

This happened in Norwich. The place well known for endless farm land and plenty of service stations to keep van drivers stocked up when they pass through.

Plenty of van owners in Norwich agree that CVI is The nations favourite and they visit our 3 minute form on a yearly basis to renew their van insurance and just have a good time in general.

“Back of the net!” they say, when confronted with around 40 cheap quotes from our trusted partners.

“CVI does it again,” they say, and in minutes their van insurance is SORTED for another year.

Back to the story and this particular white van man in Norwich was driving a vauxhall Astra van. Reports are unconfirmed if he is a CVI customer although chances are he is.

“The Nations favourite,” he may have shouted out the window when chased by the cops

“I’m doing this for CVI,” he could have added.

To all of our faithful white van men (and women) out there. Please don’t do that. You may be ecstatic at getting the cheapest van insurance price…EVER…but that doesn’t mean you should challenge the cops to a duel.

And if you are high on your own supply? Then you are not welcome at CVI. Sorry.

We pass on grass, and we encourage you to do the same.

It isn’t clear if the Norwich white van man was mashed up on puff the magic dragon. The Police couldn’t test his blood, although this will soon change with a new era of police vans.

The pursuit lasted for a good 30 minutes. Around and about the roads of Norwich they went. Weaving from side to side and avoiding the sheep on country roads.

And then into Norwich town centre, where terrified onlookers saw the white van speeding past…with the flashing blue lights of the boys in blue close behind.

It all came to a halt in the suburbs of Norwich, and they handcuffed the white van man for his trouble.

“Your nicked!”

“fair cop, guv.”

The Norwich van driver has since been charged with dangerous driving and he pleaded guilty.

He awaits a sentence, although it is expected he will spend time in the nick.

Hopefully he learns his lesson, and he can read our van insurance blog to pass the time. It might even be the best few months he has ever spent.

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