They Stopped Him For Sliding Ladders, And Then…

It was a rainy and dreary morning in the city of Hull. In the distance you could just make out the familiar outline of the Humber Bridge.

The road was slick from the rain and Humberside Police were scanning the area like hawks, looking for their prey.

And then…they found their prey, and it was a, yes you have guessed it…

White Van Man!

Was this white van man going on tour or about to fly into a rage or shouting “chase me chase me,” from the window?

In a word…NO.

Actually, this was a builder on his way to a job. No doubt to build a wall or do some kind of brick work. There was probably even some cement and sand in the back, and maybe even a couple of bottles of tap water to mix it together.

Nothing out of the ordinary you would think, until you looked up and saw the sliding ladders.

Slipping and sliding all over the place they were. Sliding here and sliding there…they really were sliding everywhere.

However, they didn’t fall off the van. It was like a delicate balance. Just enough one way and then turn the steering wheel the other way. Like balancing a tennis ball on your head.

But the Humberside Police were having none of this.

“Should we pull him off the road,” said the first Police Officer.

“Yeah…pull him off,” said the second Police Officer.

Then, when everybody had pulled to the side of the road, the First Police Officer approached the van with caution while the Second Officer covered his back.

“You ever hear of a roof rack, sir?”

After a brief exchange it turned out the white van man was harmless and wasn’t about to go on a rampage worthy of VDGW.

However, while he was being a given a stern talking to at the side of the road and was having his particulars taken down…the second police officer scanned his van with the ANPR scanner.

“Bleep Bleep”

And guess what? Yes you guessed it…

No Van Insurance!

“Looks like somebody hasn’t visited Cheap Van Insurance?” Said the second police officer.

“You naughty boy,” said the first police officer.

It is a bit naughty, isn’t it? Not spending 3 minutes of your time to compare van insurance quotes from around 40 companies and brokers.

3 Minutes and you are sorted, and then you WON’T have 2 police officers bending you over your van bonnet and handcuffing you.

Oh yeah. And make sure all of you white van men (and women) secure your ladders with a roof rack and some rope or something. It is so simple, and so easy…just like our 3 minute form.

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