BANNED (And Dangerous?) – VDGW

It sounds like a new episode of VDGW (Van Drivers Gone Wild) doesn’t it? Unfortunately the VDGW cameras didn’t catch this on tape.

This story happened in Yorkshire, a place made famous by the classic TV programme “Traffic Cops.”

Our very own VDGW will soon reach the lofty heights of “Traffic Cops,” you can bet on that, and it will soon even challenge “Can’t Pay, Take It Away,” as The Nations Favourite.

Back to the story and a Yorkshire van driver who was BANNED from driving decided it was ok for him to get behind the wheel.

He didn’t care that his license had been ripped up and didn’t care that he didn’t have any van insurance.

It was his cousin’s van to be exact, although his cousin had broke his toe which meant he couldn’t drive.

“Get behind the wheel for me, cuz?” might have been the words spoken between the pair.

So the cousin did what a good cuz would do and got behind the wheel of the white van.

No license and no insurance…was this man dangerous? Did he go on a rampage worthy of VDGW?

In a word…No.

In fact, reports suggest he was a very careful driver who moved through the gears smoothly, stuck to the speed limit, and drove with hands at 10 and 2.

Some onlookers even suggested he waved at old women while driving and slammed his breaks on to allow a kitten to cross the road.

The perfect driver? Maybe, and model citizen? Perhaps…And he would have got away with as well if it hadn’t have been for…

A defective light!

Those “Traffic Cops” were soon right up his rear van door and flashing their blue lights.

“I’m going to pull this guy off the road,” said one Traffic Cop in a thick Yorkshire accent.

“Yeah, pull him off,” said his partner.

Long story short. This disqualified van driver found himself in court on charges of driving while disqualified and driving with no insurance.

“I’m Guilty,” he said in front of a shocked jury.

“I’m sending you to prison then,” replied the judge as the trusty hammer was slammed down.

“I’ve already got my bag packed,” replied the van driver.

Let this be a reminder to every van driver out there…

If you don’t have van insurance then you could go to prison.

The Police are becoming tougher on van drivers without insurance. It doesn’t matter if you are a safe driver or a nice guy…if you don’t have insurance then you could end up in the slammer.

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