Wigan White Van Man Caught Red Handed!

As every white van man gets into his trusty white van in the morning there are certain things he has to check for…

Ham sandwiches? Check.

Flask of tea? Check.

Blanket? Check.

Cheap Van Insurance? Check.

Mobile Phone? er…Check.

However, it is the humble mobile phone which can give white van men the most trouble. As innocent as it looks, that phone can land you a hefty fine from the law, and it may even land you in prison.

Just like one Wigan white van man who took a quick call from a client while driving down a quiet side street.

“Alright mate,” the Wigan white van man answered, followed by…”Ahhhhhh, No!”

Those flashing blue lights of the rozzers were quickly in his rear view mirror, and in no time at all they had pulled him off the road and were taking down his particulars.

He was caught red handed using a mobile phone while at the wheel, and usually when this happens then BY LAW you will be fined at least £200 pounds and given 6 points on your licence.

This Wigan white van man wasn’t going to give in though, and he fought the law, but did the law win? Yes, eventually

A year later the Wigan white van man had his day in court and he lost. The judge slammed down the hammer and ordered him to pay a fine £1654 pounds, as well as pay the £200 pound fine for the mobile phone offence and the 6 points on his licence

Our advice to all white van men in this nation of ours, no matter if you are in Wigan or Wales…DON’T TOUCH IT!

If you are driving your white van then under no circumstances should your hands move out of view from the steering wheel at 10 and 2.

If you are reaching down below to touch your mobile phone then don’t come complaining to us if the Police have you banged to rights.

Even if you was just looking on your phone to check the CVI blog on a Tuesday to see if the latest blog post had arrived. What you should do is pull over the van on a country lane well out of sight, and then turn off your engine and take the keys out of the ignition.

Then, and only then, are you safe to read the CVI blog and compare Cheap Van Insurance from around 40 companies and brokers at our famous 3 minute form.

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