Will You Pass The “Van Excellence” Test?

There is an organisation called the FTA, and they have come up with something called the “van excellence” scheme.

Experienced trainers take you under their wing and put you through your paces in the “van excellence” bootcamp. And then inspectors make sure your driving is the best of the best, so you can be called…

A van driving Top Gun!

That is if you pass. If you don’t then you will never be a Maverick or a Iceman. You will be kicked out and banished to the lower leagues of van driving.

So will you pass the van excellence test? If you do, then there is a reward waiting for you. It comes in the form of an exclusive van insurance policy.

You heard it here first.

You see, the FTA have teamed up with a van insurance broker called QBE in Leeds, Yorkshire, and what they are doing is offering “bespoke” van insurance policies to any van driver who passes the van excellence test.

So if you are a Maverick then get ready to receive your gold star, because the FTA and the QBE are going to reward you.

Hang on a minute. While this van insurance policy might be “bespoke” and “exclusive” – I’m sure the question on most of your lips is…

“Is it cheap?”

The answer is…probably not.

Anytime you hear the word “bespoke” then you can be sure it will come with a hefty price tag, and to think you have to pass a test just to have the privilege of buying something expensive.

If you ask us…that is just taking the mick!!

Our advice? Forget about the FTA and the QBE…and start thinking about CVI.

Who wants to be a van driving top gun anyway? In our opinion, as long as you have a basic understanding of the road laws and you keep your hands at 10 and 2, then you are more than qualified to get cheap van insurance.

Ok, you might get in a bit of bother now and again and experience some rage and discontent. Fair enough, but try to keep it under control.

And you might go on tour and get up to a few shenanigans. That’s ok, we will look the other way.

But mostly you are a hard working white van man who obeys the laws and gets on with the job, and you just want cheap van insurance every year so you can save a packet.

You can do that right here at our 3 minute form.

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