The Story Of A 78 Year Old White Van Man

We couldn’t believe what they found in the back of his white van, and once you read the following story you won’t believe it either.

It started on a temperate night in the county of Lincolnshire The clock had just struck 11:57pm and most people were in bed, tucked up.

A 78 year old white van man by the name of John was still on the road. With his hands at 10 and 2 and sticking to the speed limit, he didn’t think the cops would pull him off the road when he saw them in his rear view mirror.

But they did pull him off…

Why? Because BEEP BEEP he had been scanned with the APNR scanners, and he came back as a hit. The cops wanted to speak with him.

It turns out he had no van insurance and no licence, but…that wasn’t even close to being the biggest shock of the night.

After Police had taken down his particulars and arranged to have his van taken away, they decided to take a sneek peek in the back of the van. It was just a hunch. The Police man had the vibe something wasn’t quite right.

So he got John to open the back of his van, and what the Police officer saw he couldn’t believe..

He was shocked…

Right there in front of his eyes…

Was 8 big cannabis plants staring back at him!!

This old timer might have been a slouch when it came to getting a drivers licence or van insurance. But he was no slouch when it came to getting high on his own supply.

At first, The Police officer thought he had just caught Lincolnshire’s own version of “El Chapo,” but when questioned, John, the 78 year old white van man, simply said…

“I didn’t realise it was illegal.”

It turns out he didn’t think cannabis was illegal when in plant form. As long as you don’t smoke it and puff on the magic dragon, then I won’t get into trouble, thought John.

He was wrong. Very wrong. And in the era of this “war on drugs” he found himself in court and facing a stern looking judge who gave him a 12 month suspended sentence.

Let’s put it this way: If John decides to take to the roads again, in his white van…with half of Bolivia in the back…then he is going directly to prison.

As regular readers are very much aware, here at CVI we are a drug free zone and we have a zero tolerance on white van drivers who transport cannabis plants.

In fact, we will say it to your face: “If you have any kind of plants in the back of your van, we don’t want your business.”

The ironic thing is…if John had visited CVI and got his van insurance sorted, then the cops probably wouldn’t have pulled him off in the first place.

But John isn’t welcome at CVI, and in light of this “War On Drugs” era, we may even add a new question to our 3 minute form…

“Are you planning to transport your own supply or get high on your own supply?”

If you answer “NO” then you are welcome at CVI.

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