White Van Men – DON’T Wear These On Your Feet…

Here at CVI we speak directly to white van men and give them Cheap Van Insurance, but are we about to give them fashion tips?

Not quite. Although we do have an important warning about what you should never wear on your feet while driving your white van.

You can be cruising down the lane without a care in the world…off to your next job or to make a delivery…when those all too familiar flashy blue lights will be in your rear view mirror.

So you pull over and then watch the “Bobby” as he or she approaches your van.

Then you wind down your window, and wait for the “Boy in Blue” to speak…

But instead of asking for your drivers license or proof of insurance, they ask…

To see your shoes!

This comes on the back of a new Police crackdown where they are stopping drivers and checking their footwear, and if found to be wearing the wrong kind of footwear, then drivers could be slapped with a £5000 fine.

Yes you read that right. And even worse, our insider intelligence suggests that Police are targeting white van men as a main priority.

If Police pull you over and find you wearing Cowboy Boots, Gladiator Sandals, Wellington Boots, or Stiletto Heels…

Then you are going to find yourself in big trouble.

Police are also looking for white van men who wear flip flops, knee and thigh high boots, and of course, workmen boots.

Basically, any kind of footwear that has a thick and heavy tread. Because it leaves you without sufficient control of the pedals.

At the end of the day, you wouldn’t try and play the piano in Cowboy Boots, would you…so why are you trying to drive your white van in them? Our advice is to stop right now. For your own safety and to protect yourself from a Police fine.

And if you refuse to take off your cowboy boots, wellingtons or workmen boots?


“Back up requested,” says the Police officer in their radio mike.

In no time at all there will be 4 or 5 Police cars screeching to a halt and surrounding your white van, and then, well, I think we all know what will happen then. It will be another “Summer of Rage” incident that we have become all to familiar with here on the CVI Blog.

So white van men of Britain…take 3 minutes to check your shoes, and then take another 3 minutes to compare van insurance here at The Nations Favourite.

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