99 Problems, But An Ice Cream Van Isn’t One

A few years ago we reported how ice cream vans were nearly “extinct.” That once familiar sound…now silent.

There is still a small army of ice cream van owners though, and many come here to CVI for their ice cream van insurance.

Our 3 minute form is just like the “99” of the van insurance industry. It’s simple, to the point, and you can finish it in 3 minutes.

Despite the ice cream van looking to be on its last round, that might not be the case. Not according to our inside expert in the ice cream industry.

We will refer to him as “Mr Whippy,” and what he told us shocked and stunned all of our staff here at CVI HQ.

Make no mistake about it: the ice cream industry still has 99 problems, but an ice cream van isn’t one…

What are we even talking about? Well, according to “Mr Whippy” there is a new ice cream van on the scene and if everything goes to plan then they will soon be on our roads, in force.

These brand new ice cream vans are powered by electricity…completely!

Not only are they electric vans but the ice cream making machines are also battery operated. Everything is electric, running all the way through the van like a bolt of lightning.

“I’ve got the power,” ice cream van owners will be saying around this nation of ours.

“That is one scoop of AC, and one scoop of DC,” they will go on to add.

So how could the electric ice cream van lead to a resurgence of the good old days of ice cream eating.

For one, they may start to get encouragement from local councils, who would welcome a “green machine” on the roads and ready to serve ice creams. They might even give government grants to encourage people to start an ice cream business.

It would be a novelty. That’s for sure. And it may even kick start a resurgence in the ice cream van. Who knows for sure?

What I do know is that ice cream van owners…

It doesn’t matter if you are petrol or electric…

AC or DC…

Work full time or part time…

You can get very cheap ice cream van insurance right here at the Nations Favourite.

Oh, and just to mention that our expert insider “Mr Whippy” is soon going to publish a book on how to start and run a profitable ice cream van business. It will be called “99 Tips to become an Ice Cream Millionaire.” Keep a look out for that one.

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