He Told The Lorry Driver – “I’m Going To Wipe Your…”

Those Police drug vans we told you about are stalking the roads of our nation. They are hunting down the “drug drivers” and taking prisoners.

Take Police in Essex as an example. They are one of the pioneers of a new technology called “DrugWipe” and around the roads of Essex they drive, day after day, in their Police Vans and armed with a big pack of DrugWipes.

Which is just as well. Because while patrolling the Essex motorway recently they noticed a HGV lorry pulled up on the hard shoulder. It wasn’t broke down and the lorry driver wasn’t stranded.

Instead, he was…

Fast asleep, like a baby!

That’s right. This particular lorry driver had decided to get 40 winks while the other traffic whizzed on by. He really didn’t have a care in the world.

He should have used an allocated rest zone or a service station, but not this lorry driver…the hard shoulder was the place to be, right there and then.

So it was right there and then when Essex Police swooped in and gave this lorry driver a rude awakening.

“Wakey wakey, rise and shine,” said the police officer.

No doubt the lorry driver was surprised to see an officer in blue waking him up, but he was probably even more surprised about what happened next…

After giving the lorry driver a stern telling off and taking down his particulars, the police officer then said something which shocked the lorry driver…

“I’m going to wipe your…mouth. It’s a DrugWipe. I need to get a sample of your saliva”

And guess what? It turns out the lorry driver wasn’t sleepy because he had been working hard. Oh no. He was sleepy because he was off his face on puff the magic dragon. Oh yes.

Can you believe that? Here at CVI we are a drug free zone and we condemn “drug driving” and applaud the new “DrugWipe” and the Police drug vans.

“If you snort up and then start up…your lorry or van…then you are NOT welcome at Cheap Van Insurance,” said a spokesperson for CVI.

As for the lorry driver. He was taken directly to jail. No passing go and no collecting £200 pounds.

Which reminds me. If you use our 3 minute form for Cheap Van Insurance then you could potentially save £200 or more on what you are currently paying.

Just make sure you don’t park on the hard shoulder to use CVI. And definitely do NOT fill in the form while high on your own supply.

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