Incy wincy spider climbed into the van, What the spider found…wasn’t a white van man! Instead, it was a woman in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The spider was just hitching a ride no doubt, and after a while found its way onto the woman’s lap…and when she saw the spider she let out a massive…


To be fair this probably wasn’t your ordinary British spider with eight legs and a smiley face.

This was more than likely, a deadly and poisonous spider with a serious face and bad intentions.

The spider on the woman’s lap caused her to swerve her Kia Van directly into a river. Luckily she escaped unharmed, and it is believed the spider also came to no harm.

But the van? Let’s just say that “Raise The Kia Van” is now top of the list of priorities for Police in North Georgia, USA.

In fact they have even got a crack team of divers in to locate the van, after a boat failed to identify it.

Who is going to pick up the bill for raising the Kia Van? It is the van insurance company…apparently

That’s right. According to local Police the woman has fully comprehensive van insurance and her policy covers the cost of recovering a van from the bottom of a river.

If she didn’t have the correct insurance then the recovery would have came out of her own pocket, or even worse, they would have just left the van there for 100 years and more.

Although this story comes from the other side of the pond, I think it is relevant to every British van owner out there.

The message is simple: make sure you buy the best van insurance your budget allows…because if the worst happens and your van ends up somewhere like in a river…or even worse…stolen from your drive while you sleep or taken from your parking space while you work, then you want to make sure your van insurance company will take care of everything.

If that means pulling your van from a river with a crane, then so be it.

Or if that means giving you a courtesy van until they find your stolen van, then so be it.

Just make sure you are covered. Fully comprehensive van insurance is the best.

It’s also the most expensive type of van insurance, which is why you should use Cheap Van Insurance to compare companies and brokers and find yourself a really cheap deal.

You still get quality. Make no mistake about it. But you get affordable prices that won’t hit your hard in the pocket and make you say “ouch.”

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