Pizza + Self Driving Van + Robots = The Future

If you enjoy ordering a meat feast or Hawaiian pizza on a Saturday night then get ready for a shock…because when that doorbell rings…

You are going to be confronted with a robot standing in front of you. Fortunately he wont be saying “Sarah Connor?” – Instead, he will will be standing there with a Pizza in his hand.

“Thankyou,” you say as you collect the pizza.

“Thank-you-for-ordering-from-Dominos,” the robot will reply, before doing a 180 and heading away.

You may even stand at the door for a few seconds more before closing it…watching the robot get inside the self driving van before it drives away, off to deliver pizza to more hungry customers.

This my friends is the future of Pizza all around the world, and Dominos may very well be the first to make this a reality.

As we speak, there is 16,100 Domino Stores around the world and they sell a whopping 3 million pizzas every single day.

Up until now, it is us, the humans, who have been slaving away and making those pizzas and then delivering them to customers on mopeds and in cars.

That is until right now, where at this very minute, we can confirm that Dominos Pizza are getting ready to test out a new “mini van” which will be self driving and have a robot inside.

This new self driving Pizza delivery van is known as the “R1” and experts are saying this could very well be the future.

In fact, it may not be long until Pizza Hut and Papa Johns follow suit, and then who knows? Maybe even McDonalds, Burger King and KFC will join the self driving van party.

Should we be wearing party hats though? In my opinion, as long as these self driving vans and robots are on time and with a piping hot pizza in their hand…then bring out the party balloons and party poppers, is what I say.

Reports suggest these self driving pizza vans will drive at a steady 25 miles an hour on a good day, and will carefully navigate around other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Of course, once they on the roads in the UK they will need van insurance, and I’m sure pizza chains such as Dominos and Pizza Hut will demand Cheap Van Insurance.

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