CVI Shining Part 2

I arrived back at CVI headquarters. It was now 2019, and as the boss of CVI I was determined to make this the year of cheap van insurance.

Immediately I knew something was wrong as I approached the HQ main entrance. The front door was open and all the lights were off.

“JNR,” I shouted as I cautiously entered the building.

“HELLO…JNR…IS ANYBODY THERE…JNR?” I shouted again, only to be met with silence.

I started walking down the hallway when I nearly tripped over a push scooter.

“He’s obviously been having fun,” I said.

And then I saw something which made me stop in my tracks. I just stood there, in shock.

Right there on the floor next to the stationery cupboard was the canteen manger…and a red substance all over the floor. There was also an axe there.

“Canteen Manager,” I shouted as I ran over to him.

He woke up immediately and seem startled to see me.

“What is going on here? Where is the JNR? Why are you here and on the floor?” I asked him.

“I had visions last night,” he replied as he got up off the floor. “I woke up and had a vision of the JNR smashing open the stationery cupboard with an axe.”

“They call it Shining,” he went on to add. “Me and the CNR used to have entire conversations without ever opening our mouths…and just before I left for the holidays, I noticed the JNR could do the same thing. When I woke up last night with those visions, I knew he was in trouble. So I got in my car and rushed here”

“So why are you on the floor?” I asked.

“Well, I got here and found the stationery cupboard smashed open, and as you may remember, this is where I store my homemade tomato sauce. When I saw all of my sauce on the floor, I was in shock and I passed out.”

It was then I noticed something was missing out of the stationary cupboard. The prized possession of CVI…the typewriter.

When I first started CVI back in the day, before the internet, all I had was that typewriter and a dream.

When I first typed those words on the typewriter back in the day – “Save a packet on van insurance in 3 minutes” – I knew I was on to something.

And now it was missing.

“Did you have any visions about what he did with the typewriter?” I asked the canteen manager.

“I think you might want to have a look in his office,” he replied.

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