Apocalypse CVI

Below is a synopsis for a 30 second TV ad for CVI. Maybe try it on YouTube ads first, and then roll out to Prime Time on the box.

I would suggest hiring the actor Robert Duvall to play the character of the “Lieutenant.”

Research suggests mature actors work well for insurance companies. For example…Harvey Keital. And they are usually looking for one last pay day.

Note: call up Robert Duvall’s agents and feel them out.

I think the perfect director for this ad would be Francis Ford Coppola. A former oscar winner, he hasn’t done anything in ages and would no doubt like this opportunity to get his name back out there.

Note: contact Francis Ford Coppola.

Okay, on with the synopsis I call this…Apocalypse CVI


First scene:

We are on the motorway. It is early morning and the roads are empty.

Suddenly, in the distance we see a convoy of vans approaching, and then…

The music to “Ride of The Valkyries” by Wagner starts…

As the convoy of vans come closer the music intensifies and the sun starts to come up in the background.

When they are close we notice the main van, It is the “CVI” van.

Second Scene:

We cut into the CVI van. The Lieutenant (Robert Duvall) is in the front passenger seat and his team “army” are in the back.

Lieutenant: “What’s the target for today?”

Team Member 1: “We are aiming for 20…maybe 30.”

Lieutentant: “Can’t we get 50? A case of beer to the man or woman who gets me 50.”

Team Member 1: “50? I don’t know if we can get 50 new Cheap Van Insurance customers…sir.” Are van owners ready for it?

Third scene:

We cut to a town in England. An idylic town where the average man and woman go about their business.

A woman leaves her house and gets into her red LCV with stock in the back for her business.

A man gets his plumbing equipment out of the garage and goes towards his blue Citreon van.

A white van woman starts up her Ford Transit…and her neighbour, a white van man waves as he drives by in his Ford Transit.

All is quiet, all is calm. Everything is almost perfect, apart from the fact all these people are paying expensive van insurance!!

And then…in the distance we hear the faint sound of music. As it gets closer we hear the height of “Ride of The Valkyries”

The van convoy is riding over the hill and into town. Everybody stops to look.

Back to inside the CVI van:

Lieutentant: “We can get 50.You can make it happen son. When you show them how to save £300 and it only takes 3 minutes. Everybody will want to sign up…WAIT…pull over at that swimming pool…let’s go for a quick swim before we start”

Team Member 2: “Is it safe?”

Lieutenant: “If I say it is safe to swim this pool…it is safe to swim this pool…Now…Did you bring your swimming trunks?”

Team Member 1 “We always bring them.”

Lieutenant: “Good, because you either swim or you get started”

Fourth Scene:

The Lieutenant walks ahead and changes into his swimming trunks, getting ready to swim in the pool.

New Team Member: “Why do we have to swim?”

Team Member Number 2: “Because Meerkats don’t swim!”

Then, A moment of clarity as the camera pans in on a thoughtful Lieutenant…

“I love the smell of chlorine in the morning. It reminds me of…Cheap Van Insurance.

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