LATEST: Van Thief “Houdini” Strikes Again

Van crime lurks in the cracks of dawn. During the silence and calm, a famous van thief steps from the shadows.

According to leading scientists, it is the “dawn hours” when van owners are in their deepest sleep. Its called “REM” AKA Rapid eye movement.

While you snooze, the van criminal fills up with loot, and he really sticks in the boot, and then you lose.

Its the crack of dawn.

Take just one neighbourhood in London, where just last week there was 4 separate incidents all in the space of just under an hour.

At 4:02am, one van gang member tiptoed his way towards a Ford Transit van and did the “peel and steal” manoeuvrer in 71 seconds flat. Police said it was the best they have seen yet.

Then just 2 streets away at 4:15 another van hoodlum slid his way under the security camera and performed the “shake and bake” on a blue Citroen van. He did it with such precision, the police are still scratching their heads.

By 4:47 this van gang with a plan were becoming more brave. Still cautious…but brave. They saw an LCV just sitting there in the calm of the dawn… just like a sitting duck.

So they went right in and pulled off…the “Ram and slam” in 2 minutes and 2 seconds. Those tools flew out of the back and into the night. Police are appealing for witnesses.

At 4:57 at the other end of the street a carpenter pulls out of a junction at the end of the road on his way to work…and then…BAM…he didn’t even see it coming.

It was a manoeuvre called the “Ham Sandwich” – done with quickness, it lasted only 45 seconds from bread to butter. Two motorbikes trapped the van from either side, forcing him to stop, and then…a quick looting followed by an even quicker getaway.

Police are warning van owners to watch out for a new van trick from van criminals on bikes called the BLT . More dangerous than the ham sandwich..only a few organised van gangs can pull it off. You are most at risk during the dawn hours, remember.

And while all of this was going off. The silence of dawn remained. And then…”flash flash” – and he was in…and OUT

He strikes again.

The van thief Houdini – remember him?

Nobody knows who he is, or where he will strike next. Not even the van gangs know. He is a lone ranger. He works…alone.

But he is good. Some say the best.

Just like CVI. He is not like the rest.

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