Chesterfield Man Had No Van Insurance or License

What are the two things you should always have when entering a van and turning on the engine? Van insurance and a license.

Especially van insurance. That is the most important thing if you ask me, because you should always have protection.

Its also illegal to drive without van insurance and without a license…so when a man in a van in the town of Chesterfield decided to hit the roads with neither insurance or a license he was committing a double whammy.

This man was now prime prey for the law.

If you break the law once you might just get away with it if the cops don’t notice you.

However, if you break the law twice…in one van, and in one journey. Well, they are going to be hunting you down. You can bet on that.

So you can bet your bottom dollar the Police patrols were wide eyed and on high alert when they caught a whiff of this guy cruising down the A6.

Once the “beep beep” scanners went off they would have proclaimed “GOTCHA!” and then it would have been sirens blazing and blue lights flashing. And the man in the van would have like “Oh No!”

“Would you mind stepping out of the van please sir,” the Police officer in the neatly pressed suit would have said.

“Alright, fair cop mate,” the man in the van would have replied.

Pretty soon the whole game would have been up and while sitting in the back of that Police car the van man would have admitted he had no insurance and no license.

“Why didn’t you just head to Its so simple, anyone can do it.” said one police officer.

“And its cheap too,” added the other police officer.

“yes its cheap,” repeated the first.

“I don’t know what to say. I messed up. Please don’t throw the book at me. Give me one more chance,” pleaded the van man.

“Only a judge can judge you now, son,” came the reply from the Police officer.

And so it came to be, that on a brisk and sunny morning at Chesterfield Court, the man in the van stood in the dock and waited for a verdict from the judge.

The jury gasped when they heard he had no license, and they gasped when they heard he had fake number plates.

But the biggest gasp came when it was revealed he didn’t have any van insurance.

“Why didn’t he just go to Cheap Van Insurance?” said one jury member.

“I know…it only takes 3 minutes and he could have very cheap van insurance,” said another.

The Judge slammed down the hammer. “A £225 fine and 6 points on your license.”

“It would have been cheaper just to visit Cheap Van Insurance,” noted one spectator.

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