CVI Shining Part 1

I walked up to the CVI main entrance and busted through the front door. “Here’s Johnny,” I announced.

Everybody applauded as I made my entrance.

“Here he is,” said the new head of the SEO department.

“The man of the moment,” added the Assistant web design technician.

Its true. I’ve been riding high after my recent triumphs. Who can forget “Apocalypse CVI” and “Van Drivers Gone Wild?” You Can’t.

The boss walked up to me.

“Thanks for doing this JNR.”

“No problem boss,” I said as I put my suitcase on the floor.

“I look forward to watching the place for a couple of weeks over the holidays.”

“Usually the CNR does this,” the boss went on to add…”but he isn’t here, of course.”

There was a pause…

“I still can’t believe what happened…”

“Its okay boss. I’m here now.”

45 minutes later and the CVI Canteen manager was taking me on a tour of the kitchen.

“Its all pretty basic. There is enough food here to last you for 2 years, never mind 2 weeks…just like here, in the pantry…you’ve got all your basics…pot noodles mostly, look here is 2 pallets of Bombay Bad Boys and then we have 5 boxes of Chicken and Mushroom and if you like Beef and Tomato then you are really in for a treat because….”

I zoned out from the words he was speaking. I could still hear a noise. There was something else though. It was like he was trying to say something to me using the power of his mind.

“Don’t go in the stationery cupboard.”

The next morning and all of the CVI staff were long gone. I was now all alone in the big building.

I thought about going for a brisk walk in the outdoor maze, which was located within the CVI grounds.

However, I feared I might never find my way out.

Instead, I decided to whiz around the CVI hallways on a push scooter which someone had left behind.

I was whizzing around…without a care in the world…and then…

I screeched to a halt!

There it was…the stationery cupboard. It was padlocked, which peaked my curiosity.

I zoned in on that cupboard for a few seconds, almost in a trance, wondering what is inside.

“Snap out of it,” I said to myself.

“I’m here to look after the place and that is it.”

That evening a snow storm hit and the electricity went out. I decided to get an early night and quickly started to dream.

I dreamt it was the noughties and everybody was dressed in the height of fashion. It was some kind of party, right here at CVI HQ.

Everybody was excited about the new van insurance technology

“You can compare over 40 companies and brokers in 3 minutes,” I overheard in one conversation.

Just then a butler brushed my shoulder as he was walking past and spilled a drink on me.

“I’m so sorry sir. Allow me to clean that up for you, it will only take a minute.”

We went in the bathroom and he cleaned my jacket with a wet cloth. It was then I got a good look at him for the first time.

“CNR…its you!”

“You seem to be mistaken sir. I am the butler here at CVI. Nothing more.”

“It is you…CNR!!”

“You are mistaken sir. It is YOU who is the CNR. You have always been the CNR.”

His face changed to give me an intense stare.

“Now you must go to the stationery cupboard and Co…RRect this situation.” he said.

“The stationary cupboard?” I asked, surprised and a bit frightened..

“Yes. Go Do It Now.”

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