Drones Out…Delivery Drivers In

We all thought the writing was on the wall for delivery drivers. “Rise Of The Drones,” said the boss of Amazon and he meant it.

It was thought drones in the air would become the new way to deliver packages to every man, woman, and child in this nation of ours, and while it may eventually become a reality, for now it is the delivery drivers who are needed the most.

In our opinion the next 10 to 20 years is a boom time for UK delivery drivers and courier drivers. If you can drive a van then you can make a packet.

Which is good news, because you can also use CVI to save a packet on your van insurance.

The equation is simple – delivery driver job + CVI = You Win!

At this point you might be saying “OK CVI, the drones might be out, but what about self driving vans?”

It’s true that self driving vans are just over the horizon, but there is still a need for someone to deliver the packages.

While a van that drives itself is not far off, a robot who gets in and out of the van all day long and knocks on doors is still a bit far fetched if you ask us.

So you can forget about drones and forget about robots. Your delivery driving job is safe and you can cash in on the online shopping craze for years to come.

For example, the demand from Amazon Prime is hot right now. They want packages delivered morning, noon, and night…every day, all day, and it is YOU who is expected to get them delivered on time and in one piece.

And get this: The boss at Amazon has come up with an idea…he wants YOU to become the boss.

That’s right. It looks like Amazon might be about to go down the franchise route and allow delivery drivers to setup their very own Amazon delivery franchise.

He estimates that a franchise owner could make around $300,000 a year, which is about £250,000 in UK money.

Would you like to make a quarter of a million a year, all from the comfort of your own van, while you eat ham sandwiches and read CVI on your smartphone? Of course you would.

It doesn’t matter how much cash you rake in though. You should always compare van insurance and that is something you can do on our 3 minute form.

You can even get van fleet insurance though our trusted partners, which means if your Amazon delivery franchise takes off then we have got you covered.

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