Van Drivers Gone Wild

First I gave you “Apocalypse CVI,” and now, I give you…”Van Drivers Gone Wild.” A plan for TV domination in 2019.

The formula is simple: We need to take advantage of the publicity from our TV advertisements, by getting on the box with our very own show.

I was thinking me and a documentary film crew could “tour” the country and go to different towns and cities. The show would air on Channel 5 prime time and would rival Can’t Pay Take It Away as the nations favourite…TV program.

“Van Drivers Gone Wild,” is the name, and 9pm on a Wednesday night is the game.

The first episode…

“Wet and Wild,”

The story of a white van man in Surrey who took off in the rain and went on a rampage. We show actual footage of the wild manoeuvrers that took place on the wet roads, and speak with key eye witnesses to the rampage.

Then, in the final part of the show we reach a climax as we enter the prison cell of the white van man and put him on camera, in a no holds barred interview that will shock and entertain at the same time.

I envision that wherever me and the CVI film crew go…we will always attract a huge crowd.

We could give out free CVI hats, free CVI t-shirts, and even…free money. This is reality TV after all, and the more you pay…the wilder it gets!

We could make it rain money, and get the good people of our nation to do all kinds of things in the name of Cheap Van Insurance.

Once finished, everybody gets together to repeat after me…”The Nations Favourite!”

When Van Drivers Gone Wild is established on Channel 5 and winning awards, I think a spin off product should immediately be commissioned to cash in on the craze.

I call it…

Van Drivers AFTER DARK (Banned on TV)

So the plan is to take the footage which is too hot to handle and put it on a DVD. Then buy advertising space on those late night commercials you see after midnight.

“If you thought the van drivers were really wild and out of control on the popular Channel 5 series, then you haven’t seen anything yet, and for only £29.95 you can see everything.”

I reckon we could easily slap a £29.95 price tag for just one DVD and sell 1 million copies.

So that is £30 million quid into the CVI bank account.

“But wait there’s more…

Buy right now and you get the never before seen…

White Van Women Uncensored…

See what happens when the action gets really wet…

It’s yours, completely free of charge, but you must act now.”

So there we have it. This is my synopsis for the “Van Driver Gone Wild” brand. I believe millions will watch this every week and everyone will have a “Wild” DVD in their collection.

Of course, all of this is a lead generator for the simple 3 minute form that gets cheap van insurance for every van driver in the UK.

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