Van Drivers EXPOSED

Just who is that man or woman behind the wheel of a Ford Transit these days? We know most of them use CVI…but who are they exactly?

Well, thanks to new research we have gained a better understanding of exactly who is driving up and down the roads of our nation.

You might think it is the stereotypical “white van man” such as a builder, painter, carpenter, delivery driver, or electrician, and you would be right, they are the foundation of the van economy and the main user of CVI.

However, the research does suggest the landscape of van driving is changing. For example, 14,000 vans are owned by housewives and house husbands and many are used for business and pleasure. Even to take the kids to school.

Do you want more numbers? How about the fact that 414 waiters in the UK own a van. Or how about the fact that professional knitters are now prime targets for the van companies who want to make a sale.

We can’t mention vans without talking about accidents can we? The most accident prone van drivers are plumbing and heating engineers. Sure, they are good with their plungers and they enjoy eating their iced buns, but when it comes to getting into fender benders they are right there at number 1.

Company directors follow up plumbers on the list of accident prone van drivers, followed by carpenters and then joiners.

They are all welcome to fill in the 3 minute form here at CVI though. We forgive you.

When it comes to the battle of the sexes, men vs women, then who can be trusted more on UK roads to drive safely and obey the laws of the road?

The research shows it is women who are safer, with men more likely to get in an accident. 12% to be exact compared to 10% of women van drivers.

Both men and women van drivers visit CVI on a regular basis, with many calling it their home. They access it on their computer, tablet and smartphone, and tell all their family and friends about the power of CVI and the famous 3 minute form.

Back to accidents, and it’s Ford, Volkswagen, and Vauxhall which are the most likely brands to be involved in a crash.

Citroen are hot on the heels, with Renault, Mercedes, and Peugeot not far behind.

Yes you guessed it. CVI welcome all of these van brands and will provide you with a quote no matter how old or new your van is.

We also give quotes for Nissan, Mitsubishi and Fiat vans. Just fill in the simple form and be amazed at the magic of Cheap Van Insurance.

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