The Wicker Van Part 1

The sea plane touched down on the clear waters just off CVI island. The sun shone briefly, and then it became cloudy.

A small crowd of locals gathered to look at the plane which had just landed.

“I am a Police Officer from the mainland…is this CVI island?” he shouted from the plane.

“Aye” replied one of the locals.

“Can you send a boat to get me?”


5 Minutes later and the police officer was on the safety of land. With his 2 feet firmly on CVI island, he began to question the small crowd of locals.

“I’m here on official police business…my name is Sergeant Dowie…I’m looking for a missing person.”

“Oh,” replied one of the locals.

“Here is a photo of the missing man…do you know him?”

The photo was passed around the crowd of locals.

“Never seen him” – “That face is not from this island” – “You are in the wrong place,”

“This missing man I am looking for is the Chief News Reporter from the main employer of this island…Cheap Van Insurance,” said Sergeant Dowie.

“Oh yes”

“But you have never seen him?”

“Oh no”

“And which way is it to the Cheap Van Insurance HQ?”

“It’s that way…”

10 Minutes later and Sergeant Dowie arrived at the Cheap Van Insurance HQ entrance. The head of the SEO Department was waiting for him.

“I am here on official Police business, looking for a missing man, he was the Chief News Reporter of this company,” he said handing the picture to the head of the SEO Department.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you,” she said.

“Can’t? Or won’t?” replied Sergeant Dowie.

The sergeant pushed his way through the entrance and into the building to begin his investigation.

“Who does this office belong to?” he asked, pointing towards a dark and empty looking room.


“So why does it say “CNR” on the door, which are the initials of the man I am looking for?”

“It doesn’t.”

“It’s right there, and may I remind you that lying to a Police Officer is a criminal offence.”

“I’m sure there is an explanation,” said the head of the SEO department.

“I’m sure there is…And I want you to take me to the leader of Cheap Van Insurance, Lord CVI himself right now so he can give an explanation,” replied Sergeant Dowie.

“His office is just round the corner…I will take you there.”

A few minutes later and Sergeant Dowie was walking into the office of Lord CVI…

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