Uncovering more reasons to take out van cover

Is your van insurance policy up to date? If you’ve even had to think about the answer to that question, my guess is that you’re not taking it seriously enough and it could be costing you a fortune!  Or, worse, could cost you your livelihood if not adequately covered.

Despite all the rumours to the contrary, it’s still possible to find cheap van insurance, if only you know where to look and how to go about the task in hand.

First and foremost, back to the first point – Sod’s Law states that the week your van insurance policy expires is the week you tail-end a Ferrari the very first time you ever answer your mobile when it’s not plugged into the hands free device.

Alright, perhaps that’s taking it to the extreme but, seriously, what is the limit of the liability of your van insurance claim? Not all policies are equal and certainly most don’t cover the cost of what you carry as part of your load or what it would cost to compensate you if you were unable to work due to an accident, God forbid, that rendered you out of action for some time.

Yes, these aspects may be available as ancillary products but, remember our friend Sod? He pops up the day you uncross that box on your van insurance renewal quote to remind you that you shouldn’t have been a skinflint and look at what saving you two pounds a month has gone and cost you, now!

To be fair, there possibly are aspects that you have tagged on to your van insurance policy that you may no longer need. Demographics of business change.

For example, when your business was at start-up level, you may have required a large commercial vehicle to transport your goods to and from site.

Over time, you may have found a niche that’s more profitable but requires a smaller vehicle. Have you checked with your van insurance broker that they’re charging you a more appropriate rate? Smaller vans usually invite cheaper premiums.

Conversely, your business may have gone national. At first, to save a few bob, you may have only insured for a certain amount of mileage. If you’ve surpassed that and are visited by Mr Sod, you may not be covered as you’ve exceeded your original terms.

It’s all about making sure you and your business are adequately covered, and searching for the cheapest van insurance quote on that basis. Sod will creep up when you least expect him – don’t give him an invitation to strike whilst you’re not looking!

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