Managing systems key to peak performance

As businesses across the UK look to cut costs by traditional, obvious means, there are increasing improvements in technology that can help reduce bottom-line losses in ways previously thought unimaginable.

More and more, businesses are looking into sophisticated software not only to track vehicles on the road and improve their efficiency, as far as targeting their drivers for ‘just-in-time‘ deliveries but also protecting their van insurance policy’s no claims bonuses and reducing renewal policies by showing their brokers that they’e serious about protecting their investment should the worst happen and their vans be stolen.

Management Systems integral to progression

Drive Solutions have not only spotted the need for this level of integration into any business that operates a fleet of vans, but took fleet management to a whole new level.

Recognised by authority

The Institute of Transport Management not only acknowledge the system that Drive Software Solutions are supplying to the market place but they also recognise the role that this type of software plays in the day-to-day running of everyday business.

Bottom line is what matters

Irrespective of what investment and cost-saving measures you take elsewhere in your business, if your trade requires carrying tools to site or delivering product to the line side, protecting your fleet is imperative – this is inclusive of maintenance of your vehicle to deliver and ensuring that your entire fleet has the correct fleet van insurance.

In addition to monitoring your vehicles, you have to look at how well your drivers are performing. Constant assessment and ongoing training is key to maximising the efficiency of your investment in management software, through your drivers’ ability to deliver.

Peak Performance were likewise acknowledged by The Institute for their contribution as pioneers in driver training and assessing their subsequent skills.

The reason we cover this sort of topic here on is because everything you can do to show your van insurance provider that you are serious about your business will help you reduce your renewal quote when it comes around to taking out your next policy.

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