Businesses change – has your van insurance adapted, too?

One of the least deliberated aspects to running a small business is the cost of insuring the commercial vehicles that deliver your product.

So much emphasis goes into aligning the correct suppliers to your schedule, baby-sitting your staff and reminding your customers that the impossible is only one step down from that which you’re delivering, that you can often overlook the small things.

If you’re very much a ‘hands-off’ boss, one driven by increasing profit through incremental sales and always ‘have a man for that’, ‘that’ being the tasks with which you do not wish to sully your hands, take heed.

It may well be that, in order to shift so many files from his inbox to his out-, just sending a repeat instruction to the van insurance provider when the letter arrives afirfming you ‘need do nothing to continue being covered’ suffices for him, you and your organisation.

You may be missing out on cost savings

Has your business emphasis shifted? You are not alone if it has. Many organisations start off looking to attract a whole market place but, not long after opening their doors, soon understand the value of supplying to a niche within that market.

If this is true of your organisation, and those large, clumsy commercial vehicles you had when you first started on the road to market domination have long been scrapped and you’re running a fleet of smaller vehicles, can you put your hand on your heart and say that you have challenged your van insurance renewal prices?

It is very true that smaller vans will attract a much smaller and cheaper van insurance quote, and you will never know if these cheap van insurance quotes apply to your re-organised fleet unless you check it out.

Is your cargo more precious now than at conception?

Having moved your business goals, you may also find that your cargo is not protected to the extent that the lesser-value goods you once provided were. The value of your product is of interest to your van insurance broker as well as to you as the business owner.

If one particular delivery was affected by a robbery or the vehicle going off the road, could you categorically state that replacing that load is simple for your organisation, irrespective of the load? No, not many organisations can, much to their later downfall.

If the particulars of your business have changed, as is the case with many I have dealings with once they realise that there is money to made from one particular aspect of their operation, usually driven by the customer and not intentional, it is worth double-checking that your commercial vehicle cover matches up to the value of the cargo your vans transport.

If you’ve not got time to compare van insurance quotes, I’m sure you’ve got a man for that, back in the office.

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