Vauxhall extend a helping hand with scrappage deal

London will be a changed place, come 3rd January. Not to the naked eye, perhaps, but to the nose and lungs, they should be able to tell the difference even if you can’t see it.

The London Low Emission Zone takes effect as of the third of the new year; any van below three and a half tons that was registered as new prior to 2002 will now have to comply to the Euro III emission rates of face a fine of £100 – that is per day, not just a one-off!

This introduction has caused a frenzy of activity, with production of vans meeting the low-emission limits, electric or hybrid vans which safely come under the limit or, as in the case of Vauxhall London Retail Group, offers of excessive discounts for older models in exchange for new, emission-friendly models bought from them.

In an extended hand of friendship to the commercial vehicle sector, Vauxhall are offering this discount to owners of vans seven years old or more, not just tens years, as the law dictates.

some good news for van insurance

As the commercial vehicle sector look for some good news, this move by Vauxhall certainly helps. On top of fuel prices being held and postponed, huge discounts on new vans and being rewarded by you van insurance provider for taking the initiative in this drive will all provide significant cost savings for large businesses and the sole-trader, alike.

where to look for scrappage deals

If you’re bordering London, and your business will take you into The Capital next year, you’ll be wondering where to find these deals and are they worth going through the hassle of changing your van insurance (you may even find cheaper van insurance) and getting used to driving and registering a new vehicle for.

There are 35 retailers within the confines of the M25 who can help you with these deals, just go to for more information.

So that you can do your maths, here are the applicable discounts, per Vauxhall model, that you can expect for trading in your seven year old van, or older:

  • New Corsavan:£3,000
  • Astravan:£4,000
  • Combo:£4,000
  • Vivaro:£5,500
  • Movano:£7,500

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