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In our attempts to go green, as well as recycling our waste, paper, even cds and dvds, we still have a long way to go before we can consider the earth a safe haven for our future generations. One aspect that has been slower to catch on than others in our attempts to bring environmentally friendly theories to the workplace is transport. But we are moving forwards, slowly, as some of the best-known global vehicle manufacturers are bringing their years of research to fruition, there are talks of more electric pumps being stationed at roadsides and van insurance providers have policies specifically tailored towards domestic and commercial electric-powered vehicles.

The milk industry has harnessed the power of electricity to drive its flotilla of floats for decades; however, the stigma attached to the speed and design are the first things that spring to mind when one thinks of electric vans. But the models, pure electric and hybrid, being built by production line methods are taking the series to a whole new level; so much so, that the Green Commercial of the Year awards are recognising the contributions of these vehicles to the planet’s plight.

There are features within each electric van insurance policy that may not be applicable to other commercial van cover that you may find. When searching for electric van insurance quotes, whether they are for your fleet of floats or you are taking the plunge and converting your whole range of commercial delivery vehicles to green fuel, here are some of the elements you may want to consider.

special aspects for electric van insurance

Legal expenses and costs should be covered, in the event of any claim. Usage of the vehicle outside of work, as electric power does attract many hobbyists and enthusiasts, should be a requirement if this aspect interests you.

In order to utilise the efforts in your company’s environmentally friendly drive to the best of their ability, marketing can be boosted by inclusion of your green prowess; as such, you will want your electric van insurance to include your European green card cover.

And finally, perhaps tailored to the milk van drivers of the world, over and above the personal accident cover that you can add as an ancillary to the base policy, you can also insure yourself for outbursts of road rage that you may incur. When you’re knocking off your shift and driving back through the early-morning rush hour, if you incite the wrath of that office-wallah late for the board meeting, you need to know that you are prepared for the worst.

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