Driving down the cost of van insurance

One man’s definition of trash is another’s goldmine. The same can be said if you were to hit two different businessmen with the exact same quote for van insurance. One may look at your offer as extortionate, whilst his counterpart considers it quite cheap van insurance.

This is all down to expectation and the price you put on insuring your fleet of commercial vehicles and the part they play in your business. If your van is only a standby measure, compared to an Armada of 40-footers, you may think that you are being overcharged. If, on the other hand, your delivery network is 100% serviced by vans, you know their value and may even think you are being offered very cheap van insurance.

Whatever your perspective, there are tried and tested ways of bringing the price of your policy down. By adding additional safety prior to obtaining a quote, if you do truly value your delivery vans, is a sure fire way to keep money in your pocket and not pay for an extra round at the broker’s annual Christmas function.

Measures you can take to reduce your van insurance premium

And these measures, although they attract a price tag in their own rite, are priceless; not only do they pay for themselves year after year, but also act as a deterrent or extra safeguard which could also help you with any no claims bonuses attached to your policy.

So, in order to get the best out of your internet search and get the cheapest van insurance deal possible, here are a list of things you can arm yourself with, when comparing van insurance quotes online. Here is the S.I.L.V.E.R. method to obtaining the cheapest possible van insurance:-

  • Steering Locks – big, bright and bold. Okay, if someone is intent in breaking in to your vehicle when it is parked up the corner of a multi-story, this type of deterrent can be negotiated by an expert car thief. If, however, your ‘run’ incorporates mainly short stops in populated areas, this is one slip-on, slip-off device you should never be without.
  • Immobilisers – this is one of the first things brokers will look for and is the first step you should take with all of your commercial vehicles if you are looking to achieve cheaper van insurance. Quite simply, with the immobiliser engaged, you van is going nowhere, hence the lower premium.
  • Lock her up – show the insurance company you are geared towards protecting your livelihood by securely locking away your fleet and they will take this into account. Whether it be in a secure parking zone like a warehouse or a well-fenced, even patrolled, compound, these measures will count in your favour.
  • Vehicle Tracker – vehicle trackers are worth their weight in gold; not only to insurance companies, but also to the metropolitan police force, should your van be stolen. Especially if the vehicle is then used for further crime. The signal is emitted all across the UK, so can lead officers straight to the villains, should they still be in possession of your van, when found.
  • Evaluate – if you have had crimes committed against your fleet of vehicles in the past and either police or insurance investigators have recommended upgrades to prevent recurrence, ensure that these are undertaken. Not only are they safeguards to your business, but also are templates for safety and driving down the cost of your next van insurance policy.
  • Reciprocate – if you are a repeat customer and you have ticked all of the above boxes, take that résumé and show it to your existing van insurance provider. If you are a long-term customer, they will not want to see you take your business elsewhere.

That’s the grease that keeps the wheels of business a-turnin’.

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