Van safety is numbers

If you’re not sure whether cheap van insurance really does exist, there may be a few aspects that you’re not considering if you’re finding the same results coming back from comparison sites, all of which were more expensive than you ever thought possible.

The problem with van insurance quotes are that, for every business, there are combinations of variables that suit them best. Therefore, when you enter scant details of what you’re looking for from your van insurance policy, it is extremely possible that the not-so cheap van insurance quotes your query is returning are using different aspects to calculate your price.

You may be being charged for ancillary products, components added on but not necessarily part of the basic essentials to get you legally on the road, that you may not require. In order to get the most appropriate and cheapest van insurance possible to suit your exact requirements, you will want to know what you are looking out for that you can delete from your policy.

aspects to save you money on your van insurance quote

Tools, for those who create or repair for a living, are one thing that cover providers have very varied views of. Some van insurance brokers provide a minimal amount of cover in a fully comprehensive policy; any less comprehensive policy may not incorporate any cover whatsoever for the tools of the trade. The point is, if you are using your van purely to transport third party parcels, do you need any cover for tools if you have a breakdown product tagged on to your main van insurance policy? Probably not.

Are you declaring any safety features that you have added to your commercial vehicle? Van insurance providers look kindly upon businesses and individuals who go out of their way to protect their vans from the threat of theft. These features can be simple to obtain and install and extremely cost-effective; steering wheel and column locks are basic components that can be picked up from any vehicle accessory outlet and will put off the opportunist thief more often than not. Immobilisers and vehicle tracking stretch the budget further but pull favour with van insurance providers; all three security features can save more than they cost, not only in the act of obtaining your cheap van insurance quote but also to help avoid the hassle of having to make a claim if they prevent the crime from happening the first place.

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