Winter warnings from van insurance sector

With winter fast approaching, it would seem that all of the big guns in the van insurance market are preparing for the worst. Given the extent of the payouts from claims caused by the intolerable conditions the UK was subjected to over the prolonged cold snap in 2010 all of the commercial vehicle insurers are warning us of the dangers of driving in the snow and offering hints and tips of staying safe in the snow this winter.
On top of the snow, or rather, laying beneath, black and compacted sheets of ice are equally as treacherous – standard tyres simply do not stand a chance if braking too sharply and the possibility of your van gliding out of control is all too real. With the fitting of snow tyres, offering substantially improved chances of stopping in inclement conditions than your dry-weather slicks, you are less likely to damage the chances of a repeat cheap van insurance policy by having to make a claim via a weather inflicted accident.
With e-bay recently estimating that UK shoppers are likely to spend £31.5bn in the run up to Christmas, there is likely to be a whole lot more commercial delivery activity on our roads. If you are looking to take on some of the delivery work as a courier service over the festive period, first and foremost ensure that you have the correct van insurance policy to cover you during this period. You should be looking out for the ‘transport of goods only’ policy, i.e. you are neither the supplier or end user of the product, just the third party involved in getting it from a to b. And, if this is not your usual occupation, choose the 28-day cover – you needn’t opt for a longer duration. Filtering these two options should help you to get the cheapest possible van insurance policy for your requirements.
Secondly, a few more driving tips. Braking distance is massively increased on icy roads – leave at least double the space between you and the vehicle in front of you that you would under normal circumstances.
Stay in a higher gear to give you more traction when cornering but in lower gear when decelerating, allowing the van to slow of its own volition, to save having to brake sharply and risk going into slide.
Snow is white. Yep, it is. Glare can be a problem, both night and day. Dip your headlights at night-time; wear shades during low, bright sunshine in the day to keep yours and other drivers visibility at optimum levels. And whilst we’re talking visibility, ensure your water bottle is topped up with anti-freeze and you have de-icer to hand. Do not pour hot water onto your windscreen, otherwise you will be making a claim on your van insurance policy; cold glass and hot water is a perfect recipe for a cracked windscreen.
And lastly, be prepared for a breakdown. It will matter little that your van insurance covers you for roadside assistance in blizzard conditions – you may get stranded in an inaccessible location, so have a torch, mobile phone charger (but watch your car battery!), food, drink, blankets and plenty of layers of clothing. Anything that may get you through the night will help if you’re caught short up a snowy lane, in winter.

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