Van insurance provider just keeps on giving

We are all used to being covered and protected by our van insurance policy whilst we are under the umbrella of its shelter. However, one insurance broker has proved that they are not all vampires within the industry, designed to suck every last drop of life-blood from a business through their not-so cheap van insurance policies. Rather, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to, not only provide competitive van insurance policies, but also look out for the local community who may be less-privileged than others.

Autonet, providers of commercial vehicle insurance, and many other types of insurance, remain active in charitable events, a side you don’t necessarily see every day in the online marketplace. Not only do they donate regularly to multiple good causes, but their staff actually get out there and raise the funds by subjecting themselves to the extremities experienced by those for whom they are raising much needed injections of cash.

As the company enters its fourteenth operational year, their range and stature grows, as does the extent of the good causes they support. There is a definite lesson to be learnt here, not just by the insurance industry, but by all organisations who base their presence on the internet, often seen as unreachable by the consumer, other than as a portal for which to access their product range. Being active in the community has certainly done this online van insurance provider no harm.

It is not purely the ‘big’ charities to which Autonet pledge their support. Recently, they have initiated a program to raise money for one six year-old who has lost his legs after being diagnosed with Meningococcal Septicaemia after turning just one year old. As well as a one-off donation of £1,000, they are continuing to raise money for the child’s prosthetic legs by donating £50 for every van insurance policy taken out via the youngster’s personal website.

Other organisations that have benefited from this seemingly endless line of generosity are Children in Need, who were the recipients of £638.94, raised through a bake-sale, dress-down and a sponsored wax. Movember, in support of men’s health issues, received £250 as the ‘mo bro’s’ sported hairy top lips for the duration of November. And perhaps the most unusual method to raise money, through a ‘sleep rough night’, saw employees raise £540 for charity Arch by spending the night on the rough streets of Hanley without shelter and the cosy beds they were used to.

Ian Donaldson, MD, is understanding of charities’ plight as more individual households are concerned about keeping their own coals glowing, before considering charitable donations, “We will continue our involvement providing as much support for both local and national charities as we strive to make a real difference.”

At, we take our hats off to this unparalleled level of commitment and wish Autonet, and the charities it supports, all the very best for the future.

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