Key differences between car and van insurance policies

Many drivers believe that they can drive a commercial vehicle on their fully comprehensive domestic policy. That’s not saying that you cannot get a reduced premium from your existing provider for a second car on the policy; however, there are significant differences between a cheap van insurance policy and its domestic equivalent.

Not only do vans offer a different proposition in volume, but also their purpose and the amount of hours you are likely to be behind the wheel; all have effects on the premium.

The term also is critical; as we run up to Christmas, due to the increasing rates of beer, wines and spirits in the UK, van insurance providers are aware that domestic drivers may only want insurance for a few days as they nip across to France or Belgium to bring back the essentials for the family’s Christmas Week celebrations. Therefore, 28-day insurance policies may be an option, with an EU ancillary product to cover you for driving on the continent, knowing that cover is only required for the duration of the excursion.

will the type of van affect my insurance quote?

If cost is an absolute consideration prior to taking on a new project, ensure that the van you purchase is neither more nor less than fit for purpose. There would be no point in purchasing a high-sided van with a 1m-wide loading clearance if you are thinking of delivering small components to the plumbing or automotive industry.

Another aspect that may prove the difference between your success or failure in finding very cheap van insurance is the value of the cargo you are likely to be transporting. The general rule of thumb is, of course, the higher the value of your product, the steeper the effect on your premium.

One ancillary product, by ancillary we mean ‘item over and above the basic requirement’, that may help reduce your van insurance quote if you were to take it off is the ‘courtesy vehicle’ option. As a car owner, if your van was to breakdown, you may be able to get a member of the family insured on your car to come and tow you away from any minor incident. Any repairs you would obviously have to pay or claim on your van insurance, but there is no need to pay for a professional organisation to pick you up if a family member can do so, locally.

And lastly, if you have removable security features on your car, such as a steering wheel lock or ‘plug and play’ immobiliser, these may help in your quest to reduce your quote to a very cheap van insurance premium by transferring them to the commercial vehicle.

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