For cheap van insurance think big

One of the biggest contributory factors for large organisations not getting the cheapest van insurance deals for their fleets of commercial vehicles is when departments are split and each left to look after their own pot.

Okay – if all vehicles are insured in one go, it’s going to be one hefty bill, but in the long term, the savings can mount up. And it is simple mathematics – the more vehicles you insure, the greater the overall savings.

Here are three aspects that can be implemented as the threat of a double-dip recession looms and memories of winters of discontent come pouring back to those who can remember Arthur Scargill being arrested on the picket line just as Thatcher came to prominence.

Firstly, if you have more than one vehicle to insure, most cheap van insurance brokers will suddenly become a whole lot more inexpensive if they can tag another vehicle onto the same policy. And that is not just greed. One of the hardest things in business is to go out and get new customers cold off the street. If you can grow your sales from within, you cut out all sorts of unseen marketing and salesman’s salaries from the equation. The customer is left with not just cheap van insurance, but very cheap van insurance, too – everyone a winner.

Secondly is annual cover, compared to short term. It is tempting, especially as we watch the pennies, to think of the month’s target figures and only pay for what you have to. But this is false economy, in the long term. If you obtain cover for a twelve month period, it not only delivers cheapest van insurance possible for the term, but saves you the hassle of keep renewing your 28-day cover every month.

Right at the top of the pile, high on the B2B list of corporate objectives, is group insurance. Many of the larger commercial vehicle insurance providers will be only too happy to provide an umbrella for all of your company’s cars, including the saloons and executive models for the field sales agents and management. At this highest level, if you can incorporate all of your fleet into one rolling policy you are looking at saving hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, annually. If your organisation has the money in the pot, that really is the most effective way to go to ensure not only your cars are covered inexpensively, but also provide very cheap van insurance, too.

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