Cheap van insurance guide – part one

We all, for some reason, exhibit trepidation when it comes to renewing our commercial vehicle insurance. However, with the information gathered around us beforehand, even the least ‘tech-savvy’ of us can quickly and easily obtain a cheap van insurance quote from the internet, in minutes.

In this multi-part guide, we are going to outline all of the aspects to take you from an online van insurance newbie to a forearmed buying machine that will have your broker begging him to pay you for your business. Well, not quite, but it will enable you to obtain the cheapest possible van insurance quote, based upon your circumstances.

First and foremost, then:

What type of van insurance does your vehicle need?

There are three main policy options, all providing differing amounts of cover; the obvious up-front cost to your business will be reflected in the choice of van insurance you opt for:

  • (fully) comprehensive van insurance
    • as the name suggests, this is comprehensive insurance and is the most substantial of all policies offered. It covers for damage to your vehicle, either accidental or malicious, as well as the benefits of third party, fire and theft
  • third party, fire & theft van insurance
    • this option covers you against damage to or loss of your vehicle as a result of any of the following circumstances: theft, or attempted theft, lightening, fire and explosion. Also, you are covered against third party only:
  • third party only van insurance
    • this is the absolute minimum cover requirement, under UK law, by which you can drive a van on the road. If damaged is caused by a.n.other, a ‘third party’, you are covered, but you are not insured for loss or damage to your vehicle, even if you are the perpertrator.

Those are the basic essentials, but there may or may not be additional benefits provided by an insurance broker to entice you to place your business with them.

In the past, you may have been used to a courtesy car, as part of your policy, if your own vehicle was being repaired; some may have even taken you from door-to-door. This aspect is a bonus, or sales gimmick and not a legal requirement; if that element is important to you, look for the that option in the ‘additional’ section when obtaining your cheap van insurance quote.

Likewise, windshield road-side mending may be included in some comprehensive policies, but not in others; do take care to check the small print.


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