Prepare your van for winter

Be prepared for a lot more vans on the road over the coming month.
That’s the message from those in the know in the retail sector at any rate. With more vans comes the need for more van insurance policies, so, as well as a visible increase in activity on the roads, as shoppers order their gifts online across the UK over the internet, there will be much online van insurance processing as demand is expected to exceed deliverability in the run up to Christmas.
A report from UK courier company Hermes UK on the way that Volkswagen are integrating telematics into with a new partner from 2013 hints that there are already 3,000,000 vans on UK roads, with the likelihood of more being employed as we approach December.
It seems that anyone with a van may be able to pick up extra work as a further report by Eptica Christmas 2011 Retail Experience Study suggests that 46% of UK shoppers intend to order gifts for delivery in the week leading up to the end of year celebrations. However, if you are tempted to explore this avenue of extra income, make sure that you have up to date van insurance – with so much extra congestion, there are likely to be more incidents, meaning more claims.
The last thing you want, if you’re looking to earn a bit of spare cash for Christmas, is to be shelling out simply because you didn’t take a van insurance policy. In most instances, the cover you have for your domestic vehicle does not stretch to a commercial one.
But, don’t fret; unlike car insurance, which is usually an annual policy, when looking for very cheap van insurance, most brokers offer short-term or 28-day cover. Many people take out this type of commercial vehicle cover when moving home, so the brokers can accommodate you if you are looking to pick up a few extra hours this yuletide.
In order to stay safer, one internet insurer hinted at a couple of precautions UK van drivers can take. Even though we have had a dry, mild autumn, icier roads are expected for the third successive year. Two of the main problems in these conditions are insufficient tread and poor visibility. With those factors in mind, and to reduce the amount of van insurance claims come winter, a spokesman for the firm reminded van drivers to fit seasonal tyres and to ensure that windscreen wiper fluid contains anti-freeze, as well as your radiators. Just those two advance preparations will reduce your chances of having to claim against your van insurance considerably, whether you are a regular van driver or purely seasonal.
Whatever the cost issue, the underlying message is, as always, stay safe on the road this year, and ‘winterproof’ your van!

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