Cheap van insurance guide – part five

In the penultimate article in our guide to delivering you the tactics with which to arm yourself in the search for the cheapest possible van insurance, we’re going to look at two aspects that van insurance providers often do not declare.

One can save you money from the outset and the other can cost you in the long run, if you incorrectly assume that your van insurance policy covers each and every eventuality that driving can bring and don’t check the small print of your policy.

The first aspect is something that you will only get offered once, when taking out van cover with a new broker. And this is an introductory offer.

In order to entice you to move, insurance companies are very aware of how much van drivers cherish their no claims bonus, thus amend their offer; but only if they have to. The amount of reduction usually reflects the discount you would expect to receive for the period which you have been driving without making a claim under your existing van insurance policy.

personalised van insurance worth the extra expense

The second aspect is personal to you, as the business owner. Irrespective of price, not all van insurance policies are created equally.

You may well think that paying more for your commercial vehicle cover guarantees the highest level of cover, but that is simply not the case. You may find that a very cheap van insurance policy suits your requirements more adequately, especially if you trade only locally or the costs of your tools are negligible.

There is no guarantee that every aspect of your transport requirements will be covered by basic van insurance, so it is up to you to check the small print – painful, but there is absolutely no other way. It is, after all, your livelihood that may be at stake if you have to shell out for expenses that your policy does not cover.

If you check the intricacies and they do not suit your business needs, most van insurance providers will offer you specific add-ons to complete the cover – these are normally found under the heading ‘ancillary items’.

It can grate, to pay more than you think you have to, but a cheap van insurance policy can prove worthless if you expose yourself to elements that you know you may encounter in your day-to-day business.

Build your van insurance policy to suit your business and it will justify the expense.

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