Cheap van insurance guide – part six

The final part of our guide to bringing you the cheapest possible van insurance to ensure that you have appropriate cover for your business looks at the ancillary items mentioned in part five.

These are items that may not be covered in the basics of a van insurance policy but, for a small amount extra, you can fortify your cover to provide you, your business and your livelihood with components that protect you in most eventualities.

One of the aspects overlooked by many when looking for cheap van insurance is the legal expense that follows a road traffic incident. Policies may cover for third party fire and theft, where a third party will be paid if you are at fault but what happens when it is the third party at fault?

If you are not to blame for the incident, you will need to be able to lean on your van insurance policy to reclaim the costs that you have incurred getting you back on the road in the swiftest manner possible. Unlike domestic vehicle insurance your van is your livelihood – the more time you are without it, theoretically, the more money you stand to lose.

As such, you need to check that your van insurance covers you for:
• all costs incurred in the reparation of your van are claimable
• earnings lost due to the inability to work following an accident
• actual injuries to yourself and those travelling with you
• damage to your belongings, which can include electronic devices and clothing
• if you claim on your policy for repairs, you will have paid the excess – it is possible to claim this back, too

In the event of a roadside breakdown, due to an accident at the hands of a third party, you will want to be on your way (if you are able) in the shortest possible time. If you have suffered mechanical or telematics malfunction and are immobilised as a result, you can insure yourself in varying increments to get you on the way, again.

This can be from roadside rescue alone to a whole package that rescues you, your vehicle, takes you home and provides transport so that you can continue on your way immediately until your own vehicle is returned, repaired.

Obviously, the more of those stages you insure against the price will rise, accordingly.

Additionally, if your business transport incorporates an attachment like a trailer or takes you to the continent, you can arrange rescue in those instances, too. Again, these are ancillaries that you only need add on if it is likely you are going to need them.

So there we have it – a six-part overview to help you tailor your van insurance to your business needs. It is only a guide, but should help you achieve the cheapest possible van insurance for your business by filtering those components out that you don’t need, but ensuring that you incorporate everything that you do.

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