Van insurance factors beyond your control – part 1

When it comes to obtaining cheap van insurance quotes, there are things you can do to increase your bargaining power with your chosen broker, and there are things you can’t.

The factors that you can incorporate into your business, or apply directly to your commercial vehicle, to help drive down the cost of your van insurance renewal quote we are covering in S.I.L.V.E.R. series. These are the cost-effective, security conscious features such as fitting immobilisers, locking your van away in a secured area, having a steering lock to hand and being able to track your vehicle.

All are simple one-step processes that show your broker that you are serious about safety, have evaluated recommendations and are working with them to drive down the cost of your van insurance.

Aside from those factors, there are elements that will affect the price of your premium that you can do nothing about, but it doesn’t do any harm to be aware of what they are. If nothing else, it will save you the embarrassment of actually fainting when next you come to renew your commercial vehicle insurance.

First and foremost is your age. At seventeen, you may consider yourself to be the safest driver on the road. Fresh from passing your test, free of habits that can creep into your driving over time and with the latest driver’s theory exam question still clattering around your skull, you may think that to be penalised in this way is a tad unjust.

There are policies tailored towards this scenario, but finding cheap van insurance for young drivers can be an uphill slog. The only way to ensure you are not being totally ripped-off if this is a concern is by comparing van insurance policies and filtering out those that stretch your budget too far. If you are under 25, be prepared.

And, like everything in life, size matters. All other factors being equal, the general rule of thumb is that the bigger the van, the higher the premium. Not only can a larger van carry more cargo, but also insurance brokers see them as more cumbersome to handle. Hence, the smaller your van is, the better the chance you have of picking up cheaper van insurance.

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