Immobilise increases in your van insurance policy

Today, we look into the I of our S.I.L.V.E.R. preparation guide for obtaining cheap van insurance, swiftly and simply, using the internet as your platform.

The I is for immobiliser. This is simply an addition to your van, that can range from a basic twist and lock type fitting to a fully integrated system which safeguards your van, even if you leave the motor running – so long as you activate it, of course!

The cheapest type of immobiliser is literally like a plug and play device; you can even mount it externally if it is a sports car you want to enhance the protection of. Probably more suited to a vehicle that you may want to immobilise say, on your drive over the weekend, as it doesn’t work with a running motor, this type of device is a one-turn key fitting, simple to install and even available from e-bay, so you have no excuse not to have one, as you do not even have to leave the house to order one!

Nonetheless, for the sake of a fiver, it is another weapon to arm yourself with in your quest for the cheapest possible van insurance.

A more advanced device, that will require a level of installation as it has its own power supply and wiring, is the ‘key out’ immobiliser. This does run with the keys out of the ignition, as the name suggests. The main advantage of this configuration is that, if you need to leave ancillary devices running and leave the van unattended just for a few minutes – perfect for conserving fuel, rather than stopping and starting the engine every five minutes if you’re on a multi-drop run – you can. With its own power supply, you are less likely to run the battery down, too.

Another winning addition to your safety profile in the battle with the broker for very cheap van insurance.

If, however, you really want to impress the van insurance people, you can opt for an immobiliser that has driver recognition built in. Not only can you leave the van ticking over, but the system will immobilise the engine the minute an unauthorised person attempts to even move the vehicle!

This is a more sophisticated get-up, but is absolutely top of the tree when it comes to fighting van theft, and your van insurance broker will recognise this. The ‘eye’ scans the driver – even if the keys are left in the ignition with the engine idling, if the software doesn’t like the look of the person behind the wheel, it will shut down the van immediately the moment the handbrake is disengaged. In addition, the brakes are vented so that the wheels, in effect, have an air-lock. Any attempt to re-start the engine and the van will make like Herbie, with flashing lights and honking horn, until the rightful owner returns to disengage the immobilising software.

Now, tell me, which insurance firm is not going to offer you cheap van cover on that basis?

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