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In our S.I.L.V.E.R. series, we are looking at elements that you can affect in your search for cheap van insurance. Age, gender, even location of your business are static factors that have a bearing on the cost of your premium that you cannot change. however, there are security and pre-emptive measures that are looked favourably upon by brokers that are cost effective, simple to implement and can knock pounds off van insurance quotes.

Today, we are looking at the S, which, in our case, is for steering lock; whether that is a simple column lock or more advanced wheel lock, both are effective deterrents to any would-be van thief. These are additional devices to the steering lock, which was introduced in the late sixties as an integral part of the steering column. They can be disengaged by either ignition key or electronics and software, depending upon the age of the van. This component on its own has no affect on obtaining cheap van insurance quotes, as all makes and models have one type, or another.

steering locks good starting point when driving down the cost of your van insurance

If you are starting out in business and cannot afford to stretch to full immobiliser installation, then these are a good starting point if you’re searching for cheap van insurance for young drivers.

The steering column lock is a device which enshrouds the column in a casing which, by design, provides a barrier between thief and ignition switch. The steering wheel lock is simply a progression from that device, with an additional bar that slips through the steering wheel to prevent the wheel turning, even if the column lock is breached.

Neither could be described as an achievement in finesse and, at first, they can be cumbersome and take some getting used to to engage every time you get in and out of the car. The fact that they are bulky and extremely visible (often painted a luminous colour) can work to the van owner’s advantage. Just the sight of one through the windshield can be enough to put off the casual car thief.

Of course, the less often your van is attacked, the longer your no claims bonus will remain in tact, helping you achieve very cheap van insurance in the long term. For the investment, they will pay for themselves over time and they are a good starting point when it comes to proving to your broker that you are serious about driving down the cost of your commercial vehicle cover.

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