Van insurance factors beyond your control – part 2

Cheap van insurance policies are not a thing of urban myth. If you are armed with the right information and know where to look, even very cheap van insurance is within your grasp. In our S.I.L.V.E.R. series, we are looking at that the aspects of your commercial vehicle fleet which you control that will help you drive down the cost of your van insurance.

In this mini-series (part one here) we are looking at the factors over which you can do little or nothing about, but know what to look out for and how those elements affect the price of your policy. In part one we looked at age and size.

In part two, we will conclude this overview with a few of the less-obvious factors, but nonetheless will play a part in obtaining an accurate, if not cheap, van insurance quote.

Cheap van insurance for women does exist and is more catered for now than it ever has been. However, it is not so cut and dried as female car insurance. Everyone knows that the fairer sex often get better deals on car insurance than their Neanderthal counterparts. Brokers see women as more attentive, less likely to travel long distances and, if they do have an accident, it is more likely to be a bump than a write-off. All of these factors count towards reducing the domestic vehicle premium. Even though the same can be said of all of those factors when it comes to driving commercially, the difference, if any, is less noticeable when obtaining van insurance quotes for women.

The type of load you envisage transporting may have an impact on your van insurance premium, too, depending upon the type of cover you opt for. If you are going for third party (with or without fire and theft), the load is unlikely to be insured, in any case. However, for fully comp van insurance quotes, if your cargo is likely to be ‘precious’, you may find your quote more expensive.

Location, too, places a role in deciding your final premium. Not only where you’re based, but where you’re likely to roam. If you are living in an area with a propensity to little crime, then you stand more chance of obtaining the cheapest possible van insurance than your counterpart who lives or works in a high crime-rate region.

Also, if your job takes you abroad, you can expect to pay a reflective amount to cover this, although this option often comes as an extra, or bolt-on to the main policy.

There we have it; you may not be able to change them, and you certainly won’t like them if they mean a higher premium, but if your policy seems a little steep, just remember to check all of the details in this mini-series and make sure your broker has got the information right.

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