Emissions boost for retro vans

London – capital of the UK, home to the modern entrepreneur and launch pad to many of our fine country’s must-have new gadgets. So why, all of a sudden, the craze for second-hand commercial vehicles? Another ruse by the white van man to save on his van insurance premium? In this instance, although cheaper van insurance may be a bonus, it is not the reason.

When businesses return to work after this year’s Christmas break, emission legislation for vans will be waiting for commercial vehicle drivers in this category. If your van is not compliant with Euro III Emission Standards, every time your run takes you trough the London Low Emission Zone, you will be paying £100 for the privilege. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that, by the time you’ve fuelled up for the chug around the city, coughed up for the new year’s tax, MOT and not-so cheap van insurance afforded to the Capital’s van drivers, that amount of money is an inconvenience many business owners could do without.

The reason so many van drivers are going for the slightly retro model is that vans manufactured between 2002 and 2006 are more L.E.Z. friendly than vehicles produced either side of that period.

This is good news for the second-hand van market, but perhaps not what the PM wants to hear in his drive to encourage new automotive construction, rather than drive business-owners away; this plan may have back-fired already, with fewer new-model sales and less income for the van insurance brokers, as similar older models are cheaper to insure, in the main.

If you’re in the market for a second-hand commercial vehicle, get in before the dealers this Christmas. Vehicle auction site Manheim Remarketing, who have seen first-hand instances of 350 active bidders competing over one van in the 3-5 year old category, “would encourage dealers to source vans now…as there will likely be a large number of drivers wanting to avoid paying the £100 daily charge for entering the LEZ.” If you get in now, as they suggest, it will give you plenty of time to look for cheap van insurance quotes over the break, so you are ready for 2012 from day one!

When considering an investment as critical as your van, it is important to remember how integral it is to your business. Do try to find one with full service history and under current MOT. Do consider that, if it is second-hand, it may have a past; always worth checking that out. And, finally, do check that you incorporate all the details on your van insurance renewal policy that you will be using your van for. This could save you even more, in the long run, in the event of any claims.

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