Is loyalty always repaid by your van insurer

Despite the multitiude of insurance comparison websites, many people still stick with their existing van insurer purely for the convenience of getting the job done.

Is this relying upon a false sense of security, ignoring a job because the broker offer an easy way out or do van insurance providers look after you because you are a valued customer?

It is so easy to just not reply to a letter or an e-mail that states ‘if you wish to renew your policy, you need do nothing’ in order to continue a repeat van insurance policy.

It is a good marketing technique adopted by the firms as it really is a job you could do without taken care of. But are you throwing money down the drain?

Compare van insurance policies

Money-lenders, insurance brokers and cheap flight websites all know the value of taking the hassle out of allowing a potential customer to use their facilities.

The average consumer trusts them when they state ‘we compare the best polices/deals’ – whether they do or don’t, the customer is happy just to click a few buttons and know that they have probably saved money – and, to be fair, in most cases they have.

But it’s the ease of use facility that is the real winner.

Some insurers are flexible.

It is not always the case but if you have been with an insurance provider for some time and you do manage to source a cheap van insurance quote that blows your existing cover price out of the water, they will concede a percentage of your premium to price-match and keep your business.

Any automobile cover is slightly different to other forms of insurance. Drivers cherish their no claims bonus, as much as a point of pride as the money-saving that goes with it.

On the flip side, a new van insurance provider may offer an introductory discount that equals the discount inherent for being a safe driver with your existing provider. In that situation, if you’ve never had to use your provider for a claim, you can face a quandary – then it really is looking at the basics of the new van insurance that offer the closest protection for your business.

Get into the habit of shopping regularly

In a strange way, your existing provider, if you are using a small broker, may thank you for going into the market place for them.

You have literally taken the onus of marketing off their shoulders so you may find they reciprocate by ensuring you get the best deal. Not only that, if the broker has it on their records that you test the market, they will think twice about upping your renewal unnecessarily next time around.

The bottom line is protecting your own bottom line but staying covered – you should never sacrifice your safety or financial security for the sake of saving a fiver here and there.

But comparison sites have risen to prominence for a reason – they do a job and van insurance providers who submit their site to these engines know that they have to be competitive and comprehensive to gain new business from the facility – you have nothing to lose.

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