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It has been brought to my attention that the S.I.L.V.E.R. series of articles was never completed (thanks Steve in Dorset).  This was a short collection of articles highlighting small, step-by-step amendments you can add to your vehicle or incorporate in your daily running of your business to significantly help reduce the cost of your van insurance premium.

A range of adaptations that, over time, return a greater return on investment than the actual outlay itself has got to be the way forward for any business.  Especially with the still uncertain future of the UK economy, every penny we can put back towards our bottom line has got to be a spankingly good idea.

It’s been a while, so here’s a quick recap:

S – steering wheel lock.  For its minimal outlay, as well as being an effective method of protecting your van in your absence, just the sight of one of these contraptions can be a deterent to any casual or opportunist car thief.

I – immobiliser.  Does what it says on the tin.  Fit one of these, and your van is going nowhere.  From a basic twist & lock to a comprehensive installation that even allows you to leave the engine running, you can nip out to make a quick delivery safe in the knowledge that, unless it’s you, your commercial vehicle will be there when you get back.

L – lock away your van securely.  It sounds obvious but, the more secure your lock-up, the more chance you stand of attaining cheap van insurance.

V – Vehicle tracking.  If you fit a tracker to your van, it can be traced anywhere in the UK.  It may not stop someone having it away with your motor if you’ve ignored the above three steps, but van insurance providers will look favourably on you, as the likelihood of getting it back once stolen is greatly improved.

So, lastly we have the E & R, evaluation and reciprocation, which really do go hand in hand with all of the above measures to deliver you and your business the cheapest possible van insurance deal you’ll find.

Evaluation: van insurers are, after all, in the business to make money.  Don’t let them get their bonus out of you.  There are many ancillary products which you can add to the basic policy – disqualify any that do not apply to your business when you are constructing your van insurance quote.  It is important that you know exactly what you do need before you start to compile your renewal policy; there is a fully comprehensive, six step guide on our site, if you need clarification.

Reciprocation: van insurers will work with you to reduce your premium if you can prove that you are doing everything possible to tick all of their boxes.  As well as the steps outlined above, check out why we think van insurance matters even at the conception stage of your business.  Furthermore, how once your business grows, you can use this to great effect to drive not only your fleet insurance down, but your field sales and privately owned vehicles, too.

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