NV200 goes from strength to strength

Moving on from its Professional Van & Light Truck ‘Van of the Year’ award in 2010, the NV200 will have a new, larger model this year, compliant with Eurozone emmission levels.

Using the recognition Nissan have already gained in the light commercial vehicle industry, the new model will be classed in the medium sized van category, dramatically increasing its payload over its cousin which rose to such acclaim two years ago.

The fact that it has remained in the medium category when some of the data is more akin to more heavy-duty commercial vehicles will help reign in the van insurance costs usually associated with vehicles with such capacity.

The statistics for a van of this class are, as you’d expect, impressive. The fact that it is less than 4.5m in length is perhaps deceptive; providing you don’t exceed three quarters of a ton in weight, its 2.2 cubic metre capacity easliy incorporates 2 x euro pallets; combine that with a low deck, just over half a metre off the ground, this eases the burden of loading, considerably.

As with the smaller version of 2010, which went on to win four prestigious awards in its debutant year, this volume in the medium category also makes it best in class for carrying capacity.

The cab, too, is a fully functional unit. With one eye on lowering van insurance costs and further cleaning up the UK’s roads, there is a rear-view digital camera to capture any discrepancies that may occur following an incident.

An additional safety feature is fog lights at the front of the van, as well as at the rear.

For its size and 1.5l engine, as it confirms to Euro 5 regulations its carbon footprint is excellent, producing only 130 gallons per kilometre carbon dioxide emmission.

The NV200 is not all about loading pallets of bricks and tiles and sand and cement, despite its capacity.

Nissan has been in talks with the Spanish plant where the NV200 is manufactured about producing the van with a cooler unit, enabling it to safely transport chilled food and drinks over greater distances. With more of demand in Barcelona for this type of service than in the UK, you can perhaps understand why the talks have been conducted directly with the plant in Spain.

The refridgerated version retains the overall capacity, however, due to the fitting of units and shelves, some of that space may be detracted by these permanent fixtures.

Whatever your budget for your commercial vehicle and subsequent van insurance, there seems to be an NV200 model to suit, whether it’s to go lay your bricks or Olé your ice cream!

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