Select the right van insurance for your business

If you enter ‘van insurance‘ into Google or any of the other major search engines, you will return millions of results.

Do you have time to visit each and every one of those sites? Of course not – you’ve got far better things to be getting on with – like running your business, for instance.

With the economy set to remain uncertain for the foreseeable future – this week’s announcement by the government that a young couple with two children will be over £1000 per annum worse off in 2015 than they are now sums up everything that the Con-Dem government feel towards the working classes, for me – the onus really has been put back on the working man to save as much as he can, where he can.

For the sole trader, there is perhaps more scope to do this than the man who clocks on and off, working for a larger organisation.

The right tools for the job

Every workman – including a humble DIY’er like myself – knows how easy a job can be if you’ve got the right tools. For a sole trader, that means everthing from buying the right van, chamois leathers, drill bits, bread baskets – even the software to generate invoices. The more time you take researching your contracts and the tools to do that job, the easier it will be on you, your time and, most importantly, your pocket.

This is equally true for your commercial vehicle insurance. Many businessmen just look at their cover policy, send it off when it’s time to renew and bingo the broker has pocketed the savings, not the van driver / business proprietor – that’s you!

Fully Comp, Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft – which one?

Theoretically, every business owner in the land would love to insure their van fully comprehensive. However, if you’re a start-up business with no no claims or are going self-employed and are looking for cheap van insurance for a young driver, you may struggle to budget for that, especially if you only have one or two contracts to get you started.

It is legal to have some van insurance before you take your van on the road, Third Party (where the insurance cover’s another driver’s damage, but not your own) is the absolute basic requirement. You can add fire and theft which, as the tag suggests, covers you if your van is stolen or destroyed due to being set ablaze.

Every business is different and, until basic components of van insurance policies are standardised, so is every commercial insurance broker; we cannot tell you which van cover is best for your business.

What we would recommend is to take your search for cheap van insurance as seriously as any other aspect of your business.

Be certain of the cover you need (so you’re not paying too little or too much) and then use the Internet to compare van insurance quotes. It’s easier than you think.

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