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As well as the bigger things that can go wrong with your van, there are smaller things that, although not as expensive as replacing a whole vehicle, could knock a sizeable hole in your wallet if you don’t prepare yourself for the eventuality.

Many van drivers automatically assume that breakdown cover is inclusive of any policy they take out, but this is simply not the case. Likewise, windscreen replacement can be added to your existing policy, but you shouldn’t expect it to be a part of your cover when you take it out.

And can you drive your van anywhere you please? Is your warranty worthy once you drive your vehicle off the ferry or through The Chunnel? Unless you’ve taken EU travel out as an ancillary option to your base van insurance policy, then it’s very unlikely that you’re covered for driving anywhere other than on UK roads.

If these aspects are critical for your business, ensure you check all of the relevant boxes when you fill out the online van insurance form. You may think you’ve got an exceptionally cheap deal – there is normally a reason for that!

There are other ways that you can save money on van insurance renewal policies, other than by reducing the size of your van or employing older employees so that you do not get penalised for excessive van insurance for young drivers.

Because of the overheads involved in employing multitudes of staff at call-centres, most van insurance firms will offer substantial discounts if you enquire about your van insurance quote online.

However, it is worth remembering to have all of the aspects critical to your cover gathered together before you go online for your quote as there is no negotiating with a computer – the information you input will directly dictate what your premium will be.

Even the little details like the size of your van engine, the volume of the load capacity or the variety of uses that you intend to put your van to in the course of your day to day business can all count when it comes to discounting your van insurance.

If your load is precious, another factor that you will have to take into account, you will want to protect it in transit. With the rise in van insurance premiums experienced recently you may be in for an initial shock but you have to compare the price of van insurance renewal against the cost to your business if you do not get the appropriate cover. And that cannot be overlooked

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