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When it comes to van drivers, there are two types. No, not men and women, although that does count – more on that in [Women on top…]. What I’m talking about is there are individuals who drive vans for a living for an employer and those who use their vans to transport them and their goods to site, so that they can carry out the service which they have gone into business for, whether it be for themselves or sub-contracted to an employer.

For those whose career choice is van driver only, the amount you can contribute to cost savings is limited as you will, more than likely, be covered by your employer’s fleet van insurance policy.

That doesn’t mean that you can drive gung-ho; far from it. Road safety experts and commercial van insurance providers alike are encouraging businesses to not only treat the roads with respect as a way of reducing their fleet van insurance but some underwriters are actually contributing to digital image recording equipment, such as the Roadhawk device, in an attempt to clear up claims where it is the van driver’s word against the claimant.

There has been a marked increase in pay-out reductions for the underwriters by investing in this technology.  The incident evidence is recorded on a continual loop by a camera, which is switched to permanent record by a sudden shift in the van’s velocity and is proving extremely successful. This is also causing company van drivers to drive with more care in the first instance, thus reducing the amount of accidents.

For the sole trader, it is imperative that you not only cover the van, but take out an ancillary product, or extra cover, for the goods which you are lugging about in the back from site to site which provides the means for your livelihood.

There are two key messages from the police and van insurance providers which, if you apply to your business, will help you achieve the cheap van insurance quote you set out to find.

Lock up your vehicle! Even if you are parked up roadside or stopped for a bite to eat on site, taking that extra precaution like alarms or immobilisers could save you having to make a claim.

On the roads, ‘pirates‘ are targeting vans that have been left unattended by sidling up to them with their own vans that have a camouflage side door. Before you know it, that bacon sarnie could have cost you more than just a few extra calories.

And, secondly, take your tools out of the van at night. It can be monotonous, but if you have expensive tools or are transporting lead roll for roofing or copper pipe for plumbing, not only should you stipulate that when you get your renewal quote to ensure this is covered for loss, but also the police have seen a massive trend for thieves actully stalking tradesmen who they know transport this type of material.

These thieves can generally empty your van in the blink of an eye, if you leave this precious cargo onboard overnight; they will have got rid of it on the open market before you even realise it’s missing, leaving the robbery difficult to prove, even if the police suspect the culprits who will have not only harmed your livelihood, but also damaged your no claims bonus, thus any chance of a cheap van insurance renewal policy when next you need to apply.

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