Van thieves increase insurance premiums

Despite the greatest measures taken by van drivers across the UK, it seems that their commercial vehicles are rising targets for thieves, looking to make a fast buck by relieving the owner of his tools and materials whilst he’s working hard to earn a crust.

Long seen as easy targets, there have been increasing measures taken by the industry to put off would-be thieves by sophisticated means of security such as immobilisers and steering locks but for determined thieves, they will stop at nothing to break into your van.

Not only could this be disastrous for your livelihood if it happens to you but it will certainly cost you your no claims bonus if you claim through your van insurance but will also increase the price of your renewal policy when you next approach your broker and subsequently look online for a somewhat cheaper van insurance quote.

Not that van thefts are a new occurence. It’s difficult for the working man – or sole trader looking to earn an honest crust on his own – to comprehend how the criminal mind works and why they would jeopardise another man’s livelihood by robbing him blind of his stock and tools in the manner they do.

They quite simply have no conscience and only see material goods as a ticket to cash. This need to rob from commercial vehicles may be fuelled by an addiction or the current economy could be driving otherwise law abiding citizens to extremes, explaining why the number of thefts from vans has seen a record number of instances this year.

Of the thefts reported to date this year, the pattern tends to show that the thieves are targeting van owners either whilst they are carrying out their work or away from site having lunch. There is premeditation involved, not just opportune break-ins.

The type of equipment they are looking for, in general, are hand-tools that they can swiftly get away with and sell on with consumate ease. It is very difficult for the tradesman to empty his van completely whilst on site. As a warning to van drivers everywhere, either take exceptional steps to lock up your vehicle if you have to leave it unattended for any length of time. Alternatively, take only the tools to site that you know you are going to be using for the job.

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of such crime, it is imperative that you can prove to your van insurance provider that you have done everything within your power to secure your van in order to get your claim through without hold up and get you back in business in the shortest possible time.

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