Cheap van insurance a must in current climate

If you’re in business and your day-to-day activities involve getting your components from a to b, you need a comprehensive van insurance policy to protect your product, your livelihood and the staff under your employ.

As such, protecting your van is imperative to your ongoing business, so you must choose a product from your commercial vehicle insurance provider sufficient for your exact needs.

The mistake many businesses make is that, when its renewal time, they do not take the opportunity to search for cheap van insurance online, as it is often easier just to take out a repeat policy with your existing broker.

And the details of that policy may no longer suit your needs if your business has changed direction and you have been so busy managing that aspect that you have overlooked the credentials of you commercial vehicle cover.

Does your policy contain accident cover, for instance, if you are now managing a fleet of vans? Liability inevitably will end up on your shoulders for any driver involved in a road traffic accident who represents your company, whether it’s to cover medical expenses or, in the worst instance, funeral expenses and compensation to the bereaved family.

If your driver is at fault, the liability will usually end upon your doorstep as the employer. There may not even be an end to it there. Not only may you be responsible for your driver, but anyone who is involved in the accident that he has caused – it is imperative that you are covered for all of those expenses otherwise your business may be ruined in an instant.

The other side of the coin, of course, is if your van driver is hit by someone who is not insured. At last count almost 4% of the 34 million drivers on UK roads were uninsured, so the odds are not as extreme as you may think.

This aspect of van insurance is not usually covered in your base policy and is classed as an ancillary product; if this is critical to your business, ensure that you request it when you apply online for your next cheap van insurance policy.

And finally, the contents of your van, whether it be your product or the tools you need to carry out your service, will also be something you need to take out as an extra to your base van insurance policy. Without those, your business could be in serious jeopardy.

Van insurance is an important consideration, especially if you don’t get it right. Take the time to analyse the aspect relative to your business and apply on that basis, and nothing less.

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